Available telehealth and in-person

Expect a 5 day turn around for the assessments or evaluations and but can be expedited for an additional $100.

If you don’t see an assessment or evaluation you are looking for, please call Tracy and ask because we may be able to provide it!

Comprehensive mental health assessments /fit for duty assessments – Pricing case by case – please ask – This assessment is provided by a licensed mental health professional and seeks to give a good broad overview of your mental health including screening for depression, anxiety, substance use disorders, PTSD, attention deficit, phobias, and just about anything found in the DSM-5 manual which is used by mental health professionals.  Mental health assessments are generally going to be briefer than psychological evaluations and cost about one third to one fifth as much.  Mental health evaluations are often requested by courts, probation offices, employers, and child protection agencies who are about to close or dismiss a case, but they would like to document the fact that they at least took a look at your mental health as assessed by a licensed mental health professional.

General Drug and alcohol assessments /DUI assessments –  Pricing case by case – please ask  – Drug and alcohol assessments help evaluate drug or alcohol misuse. They determine whether you’ve used drugs or alcohol over a certain period of time, and if you have substance abuse issues. Sometimes drug and alcohol evaluations are required by prospective employers, other times they’re mandated by the court after a DUI or other unlawful act involving drugs or alcohol. Attorneys will sometimes use drug and alcohol assessments with claimants or defendants to support a case.  Whatever the reason you are requesting one our specialized addiction specialist can help you out.

Anger management assessments –  Pricing case by case – please ask  – Courts and employers routinely ask for an anger management evaluation in cases when there has been a domestic dispute, domestic violence (DV) charge, disorderly conduct charge, an altercation at work, anger displayed in traffic, or similar circumstances. Or if you or a loved one notice that you are struggling to control and manage your anger, the clinician will provide an assessment and make recommendations. 

Domestic violence assessments –  Pricing case by case – please ask  –Courts and probation officers routinely ask individuals to complete this evaluation in cases when there has been a domestic dispute, a domestic violence (DV) charge and in some cases after a disorderly conduct charge. 

The qualified clinician interviews both parents to assess allegations of domestic violence, risk factors associated with domestic violence, and how those risk factors may impact the children.  Additional information may be gathered from other professionals who have information about the domestic violence and by reviewing materials that document concerns about violence and risk factors. The findings and recommendations of the assessment are reported to parents, their attorneys, and the Court.

Whatever the reason for your request, our specialized  clinician can help you out. 


Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) evaluations – $250 – The ADHD assessment is a multi-step process, involving clinical examination, interview, behavioral observations and completion of rating scales.

Autism evaluations – $250 – A clinical diagnostic instrument for assessing autism in children and adults. The instrument focuses on behavior in three main areas: reciprocal social interaction; communication and language; and restricted and repetitive, stereotyped interests and behaviors.  

Private pay only at this time.  $125-300

Immigration Evaluations – $950

Our  assessments are determined by your specific needs and can alter the rate depending on a variety of factors. These factors may include (but not limited to): number of tests administered, clinical interviews and feedback, review of records, and/or consultation with other professionals. 

Personal Growth Tools



$125 – RELATIONSHIP INVENTORY (*administration for 2 partners; *appropriate for traditional

$300 – RELATIONSHIP INVENTORY + 2 PERSONALITY INVENTORIES(*relationship inventory +separate personality measure for partner)